Two Scottish distributors have joined forces on a recent outfit at Café Corvina in Falkirk.

Catering supplies and equipment firm James F. Kidd & Son supplied a Smeg UG405DUK glasswasher, which was then installed by warewashing specialists Kitcheneers (Scotland).

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Beckie Burns, area manager of James F. Kidd & Son commented: “As one of Scotland’s largest independent distributors of catering supplies and equipment we work with the best manufacturers to ensure our customers have a smooth process from start to finish.

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“Choosing the right kind of glasswasher is important, and varies depending on the business size and their needs.

“The Smeg UG405DUK design complimented the existing fixtures of Café Corvina, offered an economic choice and provided on-site training for all their staff, adding value and convenience.”

Talking about the project, Kitcheneers’ Colin Smith added: “The Smeg was a very good choice for such a prominent position behind the eye-catching counter at Café Corvina.

“It almost looks like the bar has been designed around the glass washer. It was actually installed in place of a polished stainless bin which hinged forward from the back bar layout.

“The installation was great with all hoses etc. being dressed under out-of-site thanks to the well-positioned hose and cable entry points on the machine.

“The machine was then adjusted and positioned to allow an all-around minimal uniform gap before commissioning.

“We then stood down to let Smeg Foodservice’s northern area sales manager Colin Millar take over the reins to demonstrate the unit’s full potential to Café Corvina’s staff.”

Café Corvina’s joint owner Gianni Crolla said: “The Smeg glasswasher has performed very well and we were delighted about the great installation work and support we received to get it operational.”

Millar concluded: “As a warewash engineer with 26 years in the trade I think Smeg Foodservice have managed to strike a four way balance by manufacturing machines that look great, work very well under tough conditions, are very well designed from an engineer’s and customer’s point of view and are priced to be accessible to a wide range of end users.”