Scotsman updates cubelet dispenser for efficiency and hygiene

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The new Scotsman DXN ice dispenser from Hubbard Systems.

Hubbard Systems has launched a revised version of the Scotsman DXN 207 EcoX cubelet ice dispenser.

The unit is designed to provide a reliable and attractive source of ice suitable for both front of house, including self-service, and back of house operation, with hygienic Magic Eye dispenser control and an efficient, green refrigerant.

Cubelet ice is a compressed form of flake ice, designed to be a dry and long lasting but chewable form of ice that is suitable for a wide range of purposes including drinks and medical uses. The DXN range is said to supply large quantities of ice in a controlled, hygienic manner.

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The DXN 207 EcoX is capable of making up to 100kg of ice a day, and has an internal storage capacity of 10kg. This works out to 200 servings of ice immediately available, at 50g per serving.

A footprint of 427mm wide by 553mm deep should make it suitable for mounting on counters but it can also be free standing or wall mounted. It is made of hard wearing stainless steel with a facia that could fit in with front of house designs, and can be programmed via a large, black touchpad screen featuring visible blue icons.

Its fully enclosed ice production system should ensure that ice remains uncontaminated, and the option of controlling dispensing with Hubbard’s touch free ‘magic eye’ sensor can reduce handling to zero. This could make it suitable for use as a source of ice for self-service and in back of bar and kitchens looking to improve hygienic standards in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Push button operation is also available as an option. The DXN 207 EcoX can be configured to dispense just ice or ice and chilled water.

The new version of the DXN includes claimed improvements on energy consumption on the previous model, and is now part of Hubbard’s EcoX range of ice machines. EcoX machines use only natural refrigerants and are compliant with current and forthcoming F-gas regulations, with an Ozone Depletion Potential of zero and a Global Warming Potential of three or less.

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