Scotsman adds flake ice model to UV range

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Scotsman’s XSafe range now includes MF and EF line flake ice machines.

Hubbard Systems has added Scotsman flake ice machines to its XSafe portfolio.

The XSafe hygiene system uses UV light and activated oxygen to kill bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19.  Scotsman is incorporating the system into many of its icemakers as a standard feature – the latest being the MF and EF lines, which make flake ice.

Flake is one of the most widely used ice types, with applications in hospitality, retail, fish processing, transport and the medical sector. It is designed to chill fast, is suitable for delicate products and can be shaped around items.

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With the Covid-19 pandemic putting a major focus on hygiene and safety, the XSafe system should sanitise the whole interior of the icemaker, as opposed to just the exposed surfaces – it’s should also be active under and throughout any ice that’s stored. As well as killing bacteria and viruses, it is also claimed to reduce the formation of mould, yeast, mildew, slime and odours.

Scotsman MF flakers are high-volume modular machines, designed to sit on top of, and drop ice into, an ice storage bin. The smallest MF, model MF26, can make up to 140kg of ice per day. The largest, the MF56, has a production capacity of up to 600kg per day.

The EF range features undercounter, self-contained icemakers with integral ice bins. The EF 103 makes up to 120kg per day, its biggest sibling, the EF206, can make up to 200kg. A feature of the EF range is that the machines have an integral pump that allows them to be sited in multiple locations. Standard undercounter flakers need to be positioned above and near to the drains, to get rid of waste water. The EF’s pump means it can be further away from, and even below the level of the drain.

The EF 103 is the smallest Scotsman flaker and measures 592mm wide by 622mm deep and 1,078mm high, including legs.

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