Ever since ScoMac’s inception under the Unitech Group ownership in January 2009, the Livingston-headquartered distributor’s team worked hard to retain its core client base following the turmoil of the world banking crisis.

According to MD, Iain Munro: “Our core clients such as Sainsbury’s and Morrisons stuck with us and gave us the foundation to get back on our feet, none of which would have been possible without the support received from the suppliers.”

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The company has been able to grow quickly and now tops the £90m turnover threshold. However, in recent years its main challenge has been to try and get business more evenly spread across the year.

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Munro explained: “We traditionally find business takes place approximately 40% in the first 7 months and almost 60% in the next 5 months.

“This gives us some months where we become very stretched, with a need to make overtime payments to increase production, and stretching site teams so that they meet the short deadlines. This obviously has an impact on the overall margin.”

But the dealer has now adopted a different approach to the type of work it pursues, looking closely at the type of business that can fill its quieter months.

“To ensure we have a good mix of business in July and August we are also taking a more selective view on the level of summer school work we take on, which can be at very low margin,” said Munro.

“The past 7 years have been very competitive and we have fought hard for the work we have won. We are now looking at ways to retain and improve margin that reflects the good level of service we provide to our customers.”