Sammic reveals Compact line of cutters and cutter-emulsifiers

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Sammic has added the K-41 cutter and the KE-4V cutter-emulsifier to its Compact range.

Sammic has introduced a new line of compact K-41 cutters and KE-4V cutter-emulsifiers, designed to provide a professional performance for users with lighter duty operations than those offered by the rest of the brand’s range.

The range comes in two models: the K-41 cutter, with an intuitive speed and control panel, and the KE-4V cutter-emulsifier, with variable speed, brushless technology and an advanced control panel.

Both are equipped with a 4.4-litre cutter bowl, making it possible to process up to 2.5kg of product per cycle. The transparent cover has a gasket to avoid overflowing and an opening for adding ingredients as chefs work.

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The cutter bowl has lateral agitators which, together with the special layout of the blades or ‘invert-blade’ technology, to enable quality and even blending that leaves no traces.

Equipped with standard micro-serrated blades, the Compact cutters and emulsifiers can be fitted with optional smooth or perforated blades depending on the purpose. To make the machines more versatile, the cutter head can be bought separately to turn the cutter into a combined machine (cutter-emulsifier + vegetable cutter) at any time.

The cutters and emulsifiers from the Compact line are designed to have a robust construction, made from high quality food-grade materials.

The motor block is made from fibreglass-reinforced PBT material. The bowl is made from Tritan, a recyclable food-grade copolyester, and is free of BPA and any other type of bisphenol. It’s designed to be highly resistant and dishwasher safe.

The KE-4V model has a brushless motor, variable speed and an advanced control panel. Machines equipped with this technology should efficiently maintain the torque across their speed range. They are also designed to take up less space, be lighter and be more watertight as they require no ventilation. Brushless motors make less noise, which can improve the workplace environment.

The cutter bowl for Compact models has an ergonomic handle.

The K-41’s control panel is electric and easy to use, while the KE-4V cutter-emulsifier’s control panel is advanced and intuitive to use, offering all information at a glance. Also, with this model, the panel has a built-in timer, allowing users to standardise processes, as well as the option of activating special dedicated programmes.

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