Sammic carves out emulsifier renewal

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Sammic has updated its range of cutters and emulsifiers.

Sammic has renewed its line of cutters and emulsifiers with two-speed cutters and variable-speed emulsifiers.

Each model is available with a 5.5 or 8 litre hopper. The cutter function can be used to cut, grind, mix, knead or emulsify any product, in seconds. The different hopper sizes should enable 3 or 4kg of food to be processed at a time.

The K cutter series features a high power asynchronous motor with two fixed speeds, to obtain optimum performance with each product.

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The variable speed KE emulsifiers have brushless technology. This engine is said to be highly efficient, as it should maintain torque throughout the entire speed range.

The unit is also designed with the exclusive ‘force control system’: the screen shows the force exerted by the machine at all times, and an acoustic warning can be programmed to a certain force level to optimise the cutting result by only using the correct force on each product. Brushless motors are claimed to occupy less space, weigh less, are quieter and, since they don’t require ventilation, improve the seal on the machines.

All models are supplied with a rotor with micro-serrated blades as standard. Smooth and perforated blades can optionally be fitted.

The hoppers can be fitted with a ‘Cut&Mix’ mixer, which is standard on KE models and optional on K cutters. This mixer is designed to prevent product from adhering to the edges of the hopper, which should stop it from overheating while obtaining a more homogeneous final product.

Enrique Fleischmann, Sammic’s corporate chef, and Fleischmann’s Cooking Group have actively collaborated with the manufacturer’s R&D+i department on developing this new range.

The rotor and the hopper are designed to be easily dismantled and washed in a dishwasher. All the models are approved by NSF international for hygiene and safety.

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