We don’t employ any salespeople,” Jayson Ball, Salix MD, said matter-of-factly when Catering Insight was visiting the distributor and fabricator’s Basildon, Essex headquarters.

Instead the company firmly believes that word of mouth about its project prowess will do all the selling for the enterprise.

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And this seems to be paying dividends, as 85% of its business last year was through repeat customers.

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“Our project managers look after clients and deal with each project throughout,” confirmed Ball.

“We feel it’s better that way, as there is no salesman/project manager clash. Our project managers are multi-skilled.”

This diverse skill set ethos runs through the company, as its on-site fabrication factory features technicians who can weld, assemble and finish each fabricated item entirely themselves.

“It’s all about the overall team at Salix, from start to finish,” said Ball. “We try to get everyone to buy into the same ethos of quality.”

The company aims to grow by between 5-12% each year – organic, manageable and sustainable figures, according to Ball.

Current turnover is around £12m, up from the previous year’s total of £11.2m, which itself was an increase on 2013’s £10.5m.