ROKK claims speed record for ice cream creation


ROKK is claiming to have created the fastest ice cream maker in its class with the launch of its latest RFE range of continuous freezers.

The units use high efficiency barrels that chill ice cream solution to freezing point so quickly that ice molecules don’t have time to form.

Phil Darvell, managing director of ROKK, commented: “Each machine in the range is also fitted with a twin piston pump to ensure that seeds, fruit and other particles are passed through easily without the risk of causing blockages and disruption to the business through the subsequent downtime.”

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“The new RFE freezer is a heavyweight industrial ice cream machine that offers unrivalled build quality. The simple excellence of our machines means that faults, and the consequent downtime, are few and far between meaning manufacturers can run and meet demand without that niggling thought of ‘when’s the next breakdown going to happen’ – it’s surprising what a difference it makes to a production line not having that over-hanging worry.”

The RFE continuous freezers are available in three sizes. The RFE 400 offers a maximum capacity of 410 litres per hour, the RFE 600, 620 litres per hour and the largest of the range, the RFE 800 which offers 840 litres per hour.


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