Robotic cook firm releases first AI cooking platform

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Miso Robotics, the creator of the Flippy robot cook, has launched its CookRight software as a service (SaaS) as a standalone offering.

CookRight is the artificially intelligence-powered cooking system which serves as the foundation of Flippy, and is able to automatically identify and track products and tasks.

The software is available through a subscription model and is focused on grilling capabilities. It allows cooks to track a food item on a grill and monitor cooking time automatically to deliver precision-level cooking.

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Alerts are built in to guide kitchen staff when an action needs to occur like flipping the product or taking it off the grill.

Miso Robotics believes that CookRight improves the cooking process and assists in ensuring accurate order completion, as well as simplifying tasks and providing operational assistance through a user interface to enable speed, accuracy and quality.

The system’s machine learning, sensors and computer vision, is designed to enable operators to precision grill food without the need to purchase Flippy.

In addition to burgers, CookRight can grill chicken, fish, steak, sausage and hot dogs. Miso Robotics plans to expand cooking applications to other common quick-service menu items as well.

As soon as a product is placed on the grill, the software immediately identifies what the item is (with a claimed greater than 96% accuracy) and starts the timer for it – eliminating human error like starting a timer late or not at all.

CookRight identifies exactly where a product is placed on the grill and has the ability to learn each grill’s heat distribution to cook those items more precisely. The software can also flag performance and maintenance issues to the kitchen staff.

Miso Kitchen Intelligence’s dashboard is designed to deliver operational insights – including real-time metrics, automated reporting and data drill downs – to improve food quality, drive efficiency and save money. This intuitive dashboard should enable restaurant managers to supervise multiple workflows simultaneously and understand any precise issues that might compromise the quality of food coming out of their kitchens.

The system also closely monitors for any supply chain issues – using data to track problems with the food instead of relying on the person cooking it.

The software comes with a self-installation kit that includes a user interface tablet, camera(s) and a small computer.

Buck Jordan, president and chairman of Miso Robotics, said: “The beauty of CookRight and its machine learning capabilities is that it can literally learn how to identify any item placed on a grill and know how long it needs to be cooked, moved or flipped in real-time.

“CookRight obtains unprecedented amounts of information on kitchen operations that have never been captured before – leading to better food for customers, a better workplace for kitchen staff and cost savings for restaurant owners. It’s the partner restaurant operators and staff need in the kitchen. This is a critical time for the industry and solutions like CookRight can truly turn the tide and move us into recovery.”

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