Retigo offers demonstration incentive to dealers

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Retigo is offering dealers a £300 accessories bundle when they run Blue Vision combi oven demonstration events.

Dealers which supply Retigo now have the chance to offer their customers an added accessory bonus with the combi oven manufacturer’s new cook-live offer.

The offer, which has been developed with an aim of helping Retigo’s dealer partners boost the sales of its equipment, will allow them to offer their customers an accessories bundle worth £300. The accessories pack can be hand-picked to suit the needs of the end user.

To qualify, dealers need to organise a live cooking demonstration with a Retigo chef onsite at their showroom and invite potential end user customers to see the combi ovens in action.

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Details of the customers that attend the cook-live events, which can also be held at the showrooms available at First Choice or CCS if dealers don’t have facilities available, will need to be shared with the Retigo team no later than 2 weeks after the event in order to receive the bonus.

Radford Chancellor, non-executive director at Retigo UK, said: “The cook-live bonus that we are currently offering is part of the ongoing commitment we have to our dealers and developing the relationship we hold with them.

“It is a great opportunity for dealers to hold an impressive and insightful event for their current and potential customers and gives them a chance to offer an incentive with the sale of Retigo combi ovens.”

Dealers who choose to set up cooking demonstration event and take advantage of the cook-live offer, will be able to showcase the Blue Vision combis, which are built with a My Vision control panel, designed to enhance the usability and cooking performance.

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  1. When you are looking at a new Combi Oven, the Retigo Oven is quite unbelievable in quality of build, easy to use operation, evenness of cooking, simplicity of cooking, cost effective with water and electrical consumption and the cost of cleaning. What more does any chef want.

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