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Patrick Bray, MD of Regale Microwave Ovens and Cavity Protection Systems has written to Catering Insight to respond to a press release issued by competitor Bradshaw this week.

Bradshaw has launched its own microwave liner, which is now a rival to Regale sister company Cavity Protection Systems’ Microsave cavity liner.

Bray feels that as his company has up until now been the only manufacturer of microwave cavity liners, certain points in Bradshaw’s press release were aimed at his product.

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According to Bray: “Bradshaw said that other cavity liners are used for lower powered microwave ovens and use plastic material in the construction. But our Microsave cavity liner is made exclusively for high powered microwave ovens and is not made of plastic. They are made from an extremely high quality pharmacutical TPX resin.”

Bradshaw’s news also indicated that the Menumaster model microwaves it supplies are higher powered than other brands and that trials would be required to ensure cavity liner safety and reliability.

However, Bray said: “All the top manufacturers, such as Panasonic, Sharp, Merrychef, Daewoo etc, all produce very heavy duty microwave ovens – Menumaster does not seem to be any better than these. The Microsave cavity liner is used in the Panasonic, Sharp and Daewoo heavy duty commercial microwave ovens by extremely busy sites (some of which have over six units per site), and Regale and sister company Cavity Protection Systems have over 12,000 units in daily use since the cavity liner’s introduction. In fact more and more large restaurants and brewery groups are insisting that their commercial microwave ovens come pre-fitted with the Microsave cavity liner.”

Bradshaw said that as part of its testing process during the development of its Esi-Clene cavity liner, ‘food safe’ grade plastics softened under heavy usage and released some chemicals contained within.

But Bray once again refuted that the Microsave product is made from plastic: “The Microsave cavity liner is a ‘food safe’ TPX resin, not a ‘food safe’ plastic. As pointed out earlier, this material is used in pharmaceutical equipment production. Hospitals, doctors, researching scientists etc would not use a material that would release chemicals under stress. That’s why Cavity Protection Systems uses the same extremely high grade material.

“This is why we have NSF worldwide certification (the factory and production is inspected by NSF to make sure we are complying with their safety and hygiene standards – which are required for all commercial equipment sold in the USA as well). Cavity Protection Systems also holds the Approved Product Mark by The Craft Guild of Chefs after extensive trials by three of their Michelin Chefs.”

Regarding the fact that Bradshaw said its own product was easy to clean, Bray had this to say: “It takes 10 seconds to insert or remove the Microsave cavity liner from the microwave oven and only 2 minutes to clean and dry in the pot wash: a total time of 2 minutes 20 seconds.”

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