Regale gains sole Daewoo microwave supply

Microsave DAEWOO CPS6A – Copy crop
Regale designed its Microsave CPS6A cavity liner for Daewoo commercial microwaves.

Regale Microwave Ovens has been appointed sole supplier for the UK and Ireland for Daewoo’s commercial microwave oven range.

The Daewoo company, taken over by Winia Dayou during 2018, decided to close down the operation in the UK and appointed different sole suppliers for its various ranges of electrical equipment.

As Regale Microwave has been instrumental in advancing the brand within the last 5 years by helping to develop and work with the factory to produce what the supplier feels is a quality range of reasonably priced commercial microwave ovens, plus the promotional support that Regale put behind the brand, Dayou decided to award Regale with the responsibility of continuing the Daewoo brand within the UK and Ireland.

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As part of the agreement, Regale will continue to provide the 3 year warranty period that Daewoo UK gave with its commercial products. The supplier, in turn, has appointed ‘Masterwaves’ as its main service agent. Masterwaves will also be responsible for covering all ‘in warranty’ work and Daewoo spares will also be available via Masterwaves should customers wish to purchase items such as consumer parts.

Regale’s research and development director Barry Clark said: “Being factory-trained engineers we only specialise in commercial microwave ovens and have experienced the problems that users in busy kitchens suffer. We try to help them by developing ideas such as the Microsave Cavity Liners to save cleaning time, downtime and unnecessary repairs to microwaves under constant pressure – sometimes 12 hours a day.

“We also understand the back-up and advice users need to make sure that they are using the correct power levels and quality of microwave that they need to purchase. What is the point in buying a piece of equipment that is incapable of handling high pressure work and finding that the equipment purchased keeps breaking down due to not being able to perform correctly? We have come across instances whereby a microwave of only 1,000W output has been purchased purely on price and not 1,850W which was really needed.”

Clark concluded: “I think that the reason Daewoo appointed Regale as its sole distributor is it understood the way we handle our customer’s needs and appreciated the way that we have helped to develop the Daewoo brand over the past 5 years. We are pleased that the company decided to keep the name Daewoo so that we can carry on working to build up the brand to the position it deserves.”

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