Rational underlines latest combi oven’s productivity technology

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Rational’s iCombi Pro can cook different breakfast foods on the same shelf.

Rational is highlighting the capabilities of its new iCombi Pro combi steamer’s iProductionManager feature.

The company says the technology increases productivity and the flexibility of production schedules, as well as reducing running costs.

iProductionManager informs users what products can be cooked together, allowing chefs to select whether they want all the food to be ready at the same time, or if they want it all to be cooked as quickly as possible, or if they want it cooked as energy efficiently as possible.

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Depending on the choice, iProductionManager then automatically prepares the optimum schedule. For example, if a full breakfast is being cooked where everything is wanted at the same time, the system will inform the chef when to load the eggs, the bacon, the tomatoes, and so on, staggering the start times so that the hash browns finish cooking at the same moment as the mushrooms – and all the other breakfast components.

On the other hand, chefs may want each food cooked as quickly as possible. In this case, food is loaded onto the different shelves and iProductionManager lets staff know when each shelf’s load is ready. As one shelf’s food is being taken out, iProductionManager should automatically compensate for the loss of temperature due to the door opening, and recalculates the cooking times for food on all the other shelves.

The system is also designed to create the most energy efficient schedule for multiple different foods.

The iCombi control panel enables users to select what type of schedule they want – synchronised, speedy or efficient – they drag the relevant icon, such as sausages, onto the appropriate shelf on the panel, so the system knows which food is where and can monitor it accordingly. With iProductionManager chefs can split shelves, so that two different foods can be cooked on the same shelf, with the system monitoring each to ensure they are suitably cooked.

Simon Lohse, MD of Rational UK, said: “The new normal is already creating new challenges for chefs.

“Consumers want more flexibility in terms of when they eat – all day eateries are going to be more common; many kitchens may have fewer staff; and every operator will have the overriding need to reduce running costs.

“More efficient management of the production process will provide solutions in all these areas – and iProductionManager delivers the most advanced, easy to use and practical technology available.”

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