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Rational’s Trend Talk Ghost Kitchens webinar series will next focus on the retail sector.

Rational’s Trend Talk Ghost Kitchens webinars are back after a summer break on 8 September, starting at 3pm GMT.

This time four speakers will meet to discuss ‘Retail meets Ghost Kitchen’. Moderated by Michael Jones of Progressive Content, it looks at how ghost kitchens and supermarkets cooperate, how they learn from each other, potential business models, and how to keep creating new customer experiences.

The panelists are catering specialist Charlie Farr, ghost kitchen owner Francesco Cassera, retail specialist Benjamin Nothaft, and Rational’s ghost kitchen specialist Stephan Leuschner.

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This latest will be the fourth in Rational’s Trend Talk Ghost Kitchens series. The last webinar, in June, examined how businesses that combine new technology and new business models, by building strong relationships with other companies, are better positioned to survive and thrive in times of economic uncertainty. Discussion covered the challenges and the benefits of ghost kitchens and talked about how working with the right partners can help ghost kitchen operators.

Rational’s Leuschner stressed the critical importance of choosing equipment that can enable the adaptability and scalability this business model requires. He believes that being able to quickly adapt menus, and coping with changes in order frequency while guaranteeing the quality and consistency of food, requires equipment that is equally flexible.

The ‘Retail meets Ghost Kitchen’ webinar is free to attend.

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