Rational iCombis gain UKCA approval

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Rational’s iCombi combi steamers have been approved for the UKCA mark.

Rational UK is continuing to progress with putting measures in place in line with the government’s Brexit regulatory requirements.

With the requirement for the UKCA mark (the replacement for the CE mark) from the start of 2022, Rational has gained approval for its iCombi combi-steamer cooking systems and condensation hoods.

Simon Lohse, MD of Rational UK, said: “Customers will begin to see the UKCA mark appearing on their cooking systems later on this year, which will be supported with new, updated documentation.

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“The UKCA mark will further enhance our customers’ confidence when purchasing Rational products.”

Furthermore, with Brexit well underway, the responsibility of trading with Ireland has been transferred from the UK subsidiary to Rational International. “Our Brexit planning project has made sure that this has been an uninterrupted service with our partners, as the Rational UK subsidiary continues to manage our operations with our valued dealers,” stated Lohse.

One Rational dealer benefitting from this is Northern Ireland-headquartered Stephens Catering Equipment. MD Paul Caves commented: “The trading transition has been a great success. We’ve had all our operational questions answered and acted upon, in fact it’s business as usual for all Rational catering equipment, spare parts and chemicals.”

While Lohse continued: “Unlike many of our competitors who have increased their pricing either due to Brexit or other market conditions, we have maintained our pricing for a second year running, supporting our distribution partners and end users in the hospitality industry. Additionally, we continue with both virtual and face to face training as well as with online cook live events which are now market-segment specific.”

Rational appliances also have a ‘clean bill of health’, as the manufacturer is registered with UK Reach to comply with the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations regarding chemical cleaners.

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