Rational highlights efficiency drive

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Rational believes its combi ovens save money.

Combi oven manufacturer Rational has been examining potential energy and cost savings its products can generate for a commercial kitchen.

The German-headquartered firm detailed that the greatest cost driver in the kitchen is electricity, saying that it is responsible for 70% of costs, of which 40% alone is for cooking.

“As part of our testing, we have found that you need up to 70% less energy with a SelfCookingCenter compared to conventional kitchen equipment without a combi oven. Thanks to the new triple glazed door and LED lighting, we have even been able to save another 10% compared to previous models,” said Alexander Walter, product manager technology, Rational AG, based at the Landsberg am Lech site.

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With the energy consumption display on the SelfCookingCenter introduced in September 2016, the user can constantly monitor consumption and therefore actively incorporate this in their calculation.

The Landsbergers then looked at the issue of cost of goods as the next point of savings. Following a detailed comparative cook, Rational believes that precise regulation and technical equipment such as iCookingControl saves an average of 20% in raw materials compared to standard cooking methods before. Philipp Kreb, head of culinary education at Rational said: “We found that with the SelfCookingCenter, there are savings to be made in terms of meat, fish and poultry. In a restaurant serving 200 meals, this can quickly amount to up to £3,500 a year.”

The specialists at the factory also feel that working time can be reduced by up to 50% too, due to rolling loads with iLevelControl and the elimination of routine tasks such as checking and turning, thanks to intelligent cooking processes. Rational says this is valuable time that could be spent on other important tasks, but which rarely appears in profitability analyses.

The fourth cost drive taken into account was cleaning; as all Rational units work with a fresh steam generator, this should eliminate additional costs for expensive water filters that are required in combi ovens with an injection function. Furthermore, the SelfCookingCenter descales itself automatically during cleaning, providing the Rational approved cleaning products are used. The firm estimates this saves up to £500 a year.

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