Landsberg-based combi oven manufacturer Rational has launched the Rational Remote app, which allows users to remotely monitor SelfCookingCenter units built after September 2011 from an iPhone or iPad.

The only requirement is that both the SelfCookingCenter and the iPhone/iPad are connected to the same home network.

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If this is the case, the screen content of the combi oven is transferred and displayed in full.

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It also allows users to directly control the SelfCookingCenter remotely.

For owners of multiple units, this can also be grouped and named according to the relevant location, e.g. preparation kitchen appliance.

Lee Norton, MD of Rational UK, detailed: “Flexibility and independence are becoming increasingly important in the kitchen. The new app can help with this.

“Take for example the head chef, who is writing his weekly menu or placing orders and at the same staying connected with the SelfCookingCenter.”