Rational and Frima have teamed up to launch a new cooking concept called All-in-2.

It combines two multifunctional appliances, the SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses and the VarioCooking Center Multificiency, and is designed to answer the needs of the modern kitchen: energy and water saving, a compact footprint, consistent, high quality cooking results, high production capacity and lower costs.

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“All-in-2 gives operators the options to cook everything they need,” said Graham Kille, MD of Frima UK.

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“It means they can steam, blanch, stew, boil, braise, roast, poach, simmer, bake, grill, deep fry, pan fry, gratinate, confit and pressure cook.

“Because the All-in-2 replaces so many conventional appliances, it reduces kitchen space by up to 50% or even more.

“While the cookline is more compact, it’s also more efficient, faster and easier to operate.

“Plus the precise cooking controls of both the Frima and the Rational guarantee consistently high cooking quality.”

Because the SelfCookingCenter and the VarioCooking Center use the same control interface, training and working on the two appliances should be simple.

The controls may reduce operator error to a minimum, and the automated cooking processes and programmes should allow even unskilled staff to produce results at the touch of a button.

Both the Frima and the Rational appliances are claimed to offer significant energy and water savings compared to conventional equipment.

A research project carried out by the University of Zurich undertook a ‘before and after’ comparison of a kitchen using conventional appliances and replacing them with a cookline based on All-in-2.

Researchers are said to have found that, by switching from conventional appliances to the latest multifunctional cooking technology from Frima and Rational, the kitchen reduced energy consumption by 34% and water consumption by 53%.

Rational and Frima are offering an all-inclusive customer support package for All-in-2, including demonstrations and ‘test drives’ of the All-in-2 concept for prospective customers.

On-site training and ongoing training after purchase will be key aspects of the customer support package, to ensure end-users get the maximum benefit from their investment.