QualityFry creates fryer with integrated fire suppression

QualityFry’s new iQ 640 FES Carrousel automatic fryer includes a fire extinguishing system.

Spanish manufacturer QualityFry has unveiled an automatic fryer that contains an integrated fire extinguishing system for added kitchen safety.

The new iQ 640 FES Carrousel model uses technology that is designed to detect a possible fire inside the frying chamber, control it and protect the operator.

By facilitating early detection and controlled extinction, the risk of reignition should be eliminated.

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QualityFry says the extinguisher works without damaging the equipment, allowing kitchen activity to be immediately restarted after it has been cleaned.

The automatic and manual detection and extinction system complies with industry standards and is based on regulations regarding extinction systems, according to the Madrid-based outfit, which is supplied to the UK market through Taylor UK.

QualityFry is known for its fryers that can cook without smoke vents or extractor hoods.

The frying chamber of its equipment is built with a double layer of stainless steel that isolates the high temperatures inside.

This technology allows frying in the absence of light, without oxygen, eliminating active particles and water from the oil, keeping it free of food remains and extending its useful life.

The greatest fire safety is found in the closed configuration of the frying chamber, which allows frying with a very low oxygen concentration.

The extinguishing system has a double probe that continuously sends oil temperature information to the control software.

It also incorporates an automatic electrical resistance disconnection mechanism and a safety thermostat.

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