Primeware has launched the Batik Hot Tile and Hot Tray to take food display to a new level.

The manufacturer believes they bring a wow factor to a run-of-the-mill bain marie counter, chafing dish, buffet or display unit.

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The black and white Hot Tile is a ceramic tiled insert that is ready to be dropped into a bain marie well to create an attractive platform for food display atop the well.

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Alternatively, it can be used as a counter display for paninis, quiche or pies for example, or as a blanking plate to fill a gap on the counter during quiet times.

Each hot tile has feet which slip into place to stop it from moving in the well.

The matching Hot Tray is a ceramic display tray designed for solid top counters or buffets.

The tray comes with a non-slip mat and can create a different look for the food display.

Both the 1/1 GN (530 x 330 x 15mm) Hot Tile and Hot Tray are slimline, backed with stainless steel, and suitable for hot, cold or ambient counters.

The tiles absorb the ambient temperature and are ready to use in moments. Each has a list price of £195 plus VAT.