Following the introduction of energy labelling for professional refrigeration, Precision redesigned its cabinets to conform to the European EcoDesign Energy Labelling Standard.

The firm believes the cabinets can now claim some of the best energy ratings and ultra low running costs on the market.

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For example, the MPT601 uses 1.25kWh/24hr under EcoDesign test conditions, giving running costs of £50.19 a year (based on energy price of £0.11/kW).

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The new R290 Hydrocarbon Refrigeration System used in the cabinets has a GWP of 3 – compared to 1430 with R134a or 3922 with R404A.

An even temperature is ensured internally throughout the cabinet, regardless of product loading, due to the internal rear-mounted airflow duct.

All Precision uprights are engineered to work in kitchen environments up to 43°C.

Their controls offer the flexibility to safely store meat, fish or general produce with internal temperatures of -2 to +4°C.