Precision’s managing director, Nick Williams, has declared its new variable temperature drawer as the best it has ever created.

The ‘A’ rated drawer is the first Precision individual drawer to be unveiled since the introduction of the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives and MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard). In independent tests, carried out by RD&T, it scored ‘A’ when operating as a fridge and ‘B’ when being used as a freezer (EN16825 Climate Test Class 4).

Williams said: “I’m delighted for our R&D team that it achieved such brilliant energy label ratings. I believe the VUBC121 offers the best flexible, affordable individual drawer storage solution for the modern commercial kitchen.”

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Precision has given the drawer new features, including a new airflow design and an upgraded refrigeration system that enhances temperature control. The company claims that flexibility is the drawers’ main advantage.

It says that alongside the ability to switch from fridge to freezer there are a variety of options, including a worktop and the ability to stack units. The optional heat resistant worktop allows operators to put cooking appliances on top of the drawer, according to the company.