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It should go without saying that the first half of 2020 has been one of the strangest and most challenging times, not only in our industry, but for businesses in general across the globe and, for many of us, in our personal lives too.

Even in a time before the pandemic, it’s often difficult to tell from the outside exactly how a business is performing, the individual challenges it has faced and the lengths the senior management team go to, to oversee a profitable and powerful operation.

The return of Catering Insight’s Power Players will, once again, uncover the secrets of success in a series of exclusive interviews with the personalities behind the UK’s biggest kitchen design houses, bringing you a powerful insight into what makes these business behemoths tick and an exclusive sneak peek at their predictions for the recovery and beyond.

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While the financial results we are comparing will not reflect the current situation, which is changing so rapidly it will be difficult to quantify for a good while yet, these will prove a useful yardstick for next year’s Power Players, when I suspect the contrast will be stark. Nevertheless the exercise gives a useful snapshot into the 2019 financial year or thereabouts – with the caveat that the comparison can never be entirely precise as companies’ financial years differ. A few also publish their annual reports some months in arrears, subsequent to the Power Players’ publication date, but we can only go on the information that is publicly available.

Likewise there may be other distributors out there whose revenue totals would place them on this list, but if they choose not to publish their results, we are forced to exclude them. We can only rank what is in the public domain, but I hope you will agree that this gives a very good idea of how some of the top kitchen design houses in the UK have fared. And, as this is the second annual report of this nature, we can compare their ranking position to our 2019 list to see how each company has progressed.

Therefore, we have ranked each of the top 10 based on their latest turnover figures. There are some new entries this year and a couple have exited who were included on last year’s list, namely Acme and Gratte Brothers Catering Equipment, who both generated just under the £10.6m of this year’s tenth place in the list. We have also included a special section on online resellers, as we have made a differentiation between them and their bricks and mortar competitors.

So read on to see who has made it into the bottom half of this year’s top 10 – the top half will be profiled tomorrow:

Power Players 2020: number 10
Power Players 2020: number 9
Power Players 2020: number 8
Power Players 2020: number 7
Power Players 2020: number 6

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