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London projects like this have been fruitful for C&C Catering Equipment.

The C&C Group has the advantage of counting C&C Catering Equipment, C&C Catering Engineers and C&C Fabrications within its figures, an association which is enhancing all three entities. In the company’s most recently-published results for the year ending 30 April 2018, it performed very strongly, with turnover up by a massive 40% from 2016-2017’s £12.6m to £17.7m, its highest recorded revenue.

This included a 33% increase of income from C&C Catering Engineers and C&C Fabrications, collectively accruing £3.5m of the turnover total, up from the previous year’s £2.6m. The group also has a strong net asset position in excess of £3.2m, which is a significant increase on last year’s £2.7m. However, operating profit slightly reduced, from £1.4m to £1.3m, a 7% drop.

Speaking to Catering Insight, MD Peter Kitchin revealed: “We’re proud to say that we continue to evolve as a company, which is vital in an industry that is constantly changing. In our more recent history, we’ve identified ways we can create an even stronger business and deliver an engaging experience for our customers. This has included the creation of our two subsidiary companies, C&C Catering Engineers and C&C Catering Fabrications. We continue to invest in technology and our teams across the businesses, to ensure we remain a forward-thinking leader in this competitive industry.”

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In terms of overall strategy he explained: “Since the business was founded in 1981, we have ensured that transparency has been at the forefront of everything we do at C&C Catering Equipment. For us, being open and honest with everyone from our customers to our team members has helped to create a culture built on integrity. We’re pleased that this is valued by others, and is still an important part of our success today.”

Although the firm is based in Chester, it works throughout the UK with many of its projects situated in London, which Kitchin says makes the region “one of our larger revenue generators”, adding: “As is to be expected, it is a constant hub of activity and growth, and we’re delighted to be a part of the exciting developments in some of the most prestigious venues across the city.”

Furthermore, he forecasted: “As we look to the next few years, we strive to maintain our role as an industry leader and forward-thinking company through our continued delivery of work to a high standard. Additionally, we have just completed our first large scheme in Dublin, and we see work outside of the UK as a way to increase our future sales.”

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How would C&C Catering Equipment MD Peter Kitchin guide an emerging distributor? “I would encourage them to invest in their team in order to deliver impressive and memorable projects. Our employees understand and appreciate the standards that we strive for, and come together as a team to create schemes that make us proud as a company.”

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