Catering equipment distributors and dealers in the UK have a raft of leading lights driving their businesses forwards.

This year’s Catering Insight Power List annual supplement Business Leaders category highlights those who deserve to be recognised for their dynamism and direction.

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The 10 names in this category will no doubt be familiar to the majority of the catering equipment industry.

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They represent some of the biggest and brightest dealers in this sector – those who are making headlines and pushing the whole industry forwards at the same time as building their own empires at their dealerships.

These ‘commander in chiefs’ have a clear sense of purpose, yet are more than willing to take on input from their own staff members to ensure that their distribution companies go from strength to strength.

Leading a business is definitely about putting a team together and pulling it together to all go forwards in the same direction, and this is no different for catering equipment distributors.

With such a dynamic foodservice sector creating such interesting and intricate demands for distributors, it takes a special principal to keep the company on the right track while maintaining quality and service.

This year, the following Business Leaders made the cut:

Richard Toye, managing director, GastroNorth
Ian Wolfe, general manager, Gratte Brothers Catering Equipment
Nick Howe, managing director, Court Catering Equipment
Peter Kitchin, managing director, C&C Catering Equipment
Iain Munro, managing director, ScoMac Catering Equipment
Paul McMahon, managing director, Nisbets
Julian Shine, managing director, Shine Food Machinery
Jim Stevens, managing director, Tailor Made Catering Equipment Services
Tim Fisher, managing director, Garners Food Service Equipment
Paul Neville, managing director, CHR Equipment

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