PKL has provided a large-scale 19-unit temporary kitchen for Lincoln’s Inn, during the refurbishment of its 19th Century Great Hall, against severe time pressures.

The install went without a hitch, despite a last-minute reduction in the time available for the installation from 2 days to 1.

PKL worked closely with main contractor OSI to plan and deliver a high quality temporary catering facility, which will be on site for the 12 month duration of major works to the Great Hall.

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The temporary kitchen and canteen space will cater for staff at Lincoln’s Inn during the year-long works.

The site presented significant challenges for PKL’s design and installation team.

These included strict controls surrounding the times and type of work that could be undertaken on site, a restricted entrance through an ancient gate house, a small installation site surrounded by listed buildings on all sides, an ancient tree located in the middle of the site and a small time-frame for delivery and installation.

Additionally, the planning and execution of a road closure in Chancery Lane was required over a bank holiday weekend during the installation.

PKL liaised closely with OSI during the planning and design process to create a kitchen and installation plan that would minimise disruption to those who work at Lincoln’s Inn and to allow a smooth transition from the existing catering facilities to the new temporary solution.

Working to PKL’s design, the units were prefabricated at PKL’s Cheltenham base and delivered to site in a day.

Despite restricted on site space for the kitchens, the initial installation was completed in less than 24 hours, and included the use of PKL’s own hiab crane mounted lorries and specialist engineers.

The flow of the finished kitchen was designed to feed directly into the Old Hall, which will serve as the main eatery during the Great Hall’s refurbishment.

Following the installation, PKL also provided full staff training for those using the kitchen, while maintenance will be provided throughout the duration of the hire.

Matthew Valentine, project manager at OSI, said: “We’d never worked with PKL before this project but would happily do so again.

“Despite a lot of challenges with the site and the demands of the install, including a late shortening of their installation window, PKL have done well.

“Credit is due for the work they have done – it was critical they worked quickly without a hitch and they have absolutely done that.

“The install, training and handover were very smooth thanks to PKL’s meticulous preparation running up to the project commencing,” he concluded.