Pizza oven specialist Valoriani UK supports ban on wet wood

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The Valoriani oven at Yamabahce in London.

Pizza oven specialist Valoriani UK has announced its support of the new UK legislation banning the burning of ‘wet wood’ across the country.

From 2021 the sale and burning of fuels, coals and woods with the most potential to pollute will be phased out across the UK, as ordered by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (DEFRA).

In the case of wood this will mean a ban on ‘wet wood’, or firewood with a moisture level above 20%, thanks to high levels of pollutant PM2.5.

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While this may mean that users will be forced to buy more expensive options, drier woods burn for longer and result in lower maintenance costs.

Far from being harmful to the woodfired pizza oven trade, Preston-based Valoriani suggests that it will in fact boost the company’s sales.

It supplies pizza ovens to restaurants, hotels and other commercial and residential kitchens.

The company says that many users of similar ovens may be unknowingly breaking pollution laws already, but that any establishment worth its salt should know about existing and upcoming regulations and be prepared in time.

Valoriani boasts that owners of its ovens will be entirely unaffected by the new wet wood ban, as long as they buy the right fuel.

Valoriani UK founder Andrew Manciocchi commented: “No pizza oven owner should be buying ‘wet wood’ from garages, farms or other suppliers. This is wood with a high moisture content of between 60% and 90%, because it has not been seasoned.

“A pizza oven will only operate efficiently if kiln-dried, or ready-to-burn wood as it is now becoming known, is used.  This has a moisture content of under 20% and does not emit the dangerous particulates that are the focus of the new wet wood legislation.

“Using wet wood makes no sense for a chef, regardless of whether they are a professional or a keen home cook. This type of wood smokes terribly, spits and is inefficient in terms of its burn.

“This creates unreliable, fluctuating oven temperatures and greatly affects the quality of the cooked food, as well as its taste. It can also create food contamination. This is why we always point people towards Logs Direct’s Piccante range of compressed logs, which are food-safe and offer a great culinary performance in the oven.”

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