IN PICS: Sneak preview of the National Catering Equipment Centre


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Clare Nicholls

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    1. Nisbets have part of the space for a retail shop, but having seen it myself, it’s definitely not ‘just another store’. Manufacturers from across the industry are involved – not just those supplied by Nisbets. It really is like an exhibition hall in itself, as well as a training centre.

        1. Whether it was independent or not was not your original point, you said it was essentially another Nisbets store. That’s absolutely not the idea – other dealers are being encouraged to use the facilities for training and to show a wide range of equipment to their end users. I suggest you visit yourself and you can make up your own mind.

          1. Do any of Nisbets competitors have exhibits? or where they offered space?

            For example
            Pentland Wholesale
            RH Hall

          2. I think those are questions for the NCEC itself. There are some major manufacturer names in the centre anyway and the above companies you mention are suppliers/wholesalers.

    2. Yet again The Oracle shows how out of touch he is with the industry!!!
      Don’t make statements unless you have the facts or even better just don’t say anything as I have yet to see a positive or worthwhile comment from you?

      1. Andrew (I know it all again) Jones speaks LOL
        you have no idea you just make sweeping statements,
        Clearly if Nisbets have a shop in it they are involved, were other dealers offered a space?

        1. Getting a little personal now Mr Oracle
          Know it all and No Idea in the same Paragraph make your mind up?
          Oh and why are you sending me Lots of Love (LOL)

  1. I haven’t seen the site yet but I know part of the intention is that it can be used as a resource for manufacturers to not only display equipment but also to familiarise any user or distributor with their products.
    It’s a big, bold investment and, in my opinion, will help to raise the quality of sales away from those that may be more reliant on the internet for their profile.
    As an industry, we must continue to fight the ‘price first’ focus that inevitably leads to an erosion of quality sales.
    Look around; it’s not by accident that certain manufacturers and distributors are profiting in the current climate.

    1. Steve

      we have known each other a very long time and I agree with you this trade certainly needs moving into the times
      and yes there are many companies making a good margin on and or off the web

  2. An impressive facility, which I had the opportunity to see as it was nearing completion. This has been a mammoth undertaking and Nisbets should be commended for such a bold initiative. I hope it proves it be a great success.

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