Pastorfrigor’s latest refrigeration range rated A for energy

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Pastorfrigor’s Genova Overview refrigeration range is claimed to save 25% energy on previous models.

Pastorfrigor GB’s latest Genova Overview refrigeration range has been rated as ecodesign energy label A.

The Essex-based refrigeration supplier believes this is a first, following a change to the EU labelling coming into effect on 1 March.

The UK has continued with the new energy label changes, and has committed to matching or exceeding the EU’s ecodesign standards in order cut energy bills and carbon footprint.

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With more and more products achieving ratings as A+, A++ or A+++ according to the past scale, the recent change is a return to a simpler A-G scale, which is said to be stricter.

Pastorfrigor GB MD Simon Robinson said: “This is massive for Pastorfrigor to be the first to an A rating when a B would have been considered exceptional. The new regulations emphasised that an A-rated cabinet was not to be expected in 2021 and the best in class would be a C rating. To receive an ecodesign A rating is exceptional.

“The difference in energy consumption between A and C can be as much as three times the energy used. This fact highlights the scope there is for improvement in our market and how far ahead of the game we are with our new Genova OV.”

Introduced to the market in 2020, Pastorfrigor’s plug-in Genova Overview range is designed to be a turnkey solution for supermarkets, convenience stores and food-to-go businesses that look to replace their refrigeration overnight.

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