Pantheon has unveiled its CT1 Conveyor Toaster which it says provides a highly cost effective and very reliable solution for high volume toasting across multiple bread based products.

The toaster has been designed to be exceptionally easy to use, so can be made accessible to all members of staff – or even by customers if appropriate.

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It processes between 300 and 350 slices of bread per hour but will also accept buns, crumpets, tea cakes, muffins and other bread based foods.

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To ensure longevity, the elements are made from metal rather than quartz which is often associated with a short life-span and expensive replacement.

Other key features include: front or rear toast delivery; single or double sided toasting option (especially relevant to burger buns); variable speed belt control; four-position rotary switch; automatic or manual feed options; removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

The CT1 Conveyor Toaster measures 370w x 420d x 430h (mm), weighs 20kg and has a power rating of 230V.