Pantheon ensures there is no regulations mix up

Pantheon’s redesigned PM20 mixer crop
Pantheon has redesigned its PM20 mixer.

With regulations updates for planetary mixers, dealers may be forgiven for being unsure of requirements for this appliance. Pantheon Catering Equipment is offering guidance to cut through the confusion:

2019 updates to EN 454 legislation pertaining to planetary mixers has determined a number of safety standards that are now required to ensure full compliance. These primarily concern operator safety and involve three key areas – electrical, mechanical and user safety.

One of the areas covered is the need to provide a fool-proof means of preventing the bowl from being removed from an operational mixer. A further one is to ensure that operators affected by colour blindness can clearly identify the controls, a change prompted by the fact that a staggering one in 12 men (but only one in 200 women) are affected by colour blindness in the UK.

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Working with specialist consultants, Pantheon has invested in a complete redesign of its planetary mixer range to ensure it embraces all aspects of the new legislation. This not only ensures that the company’s distributors are selling fully compliant machines, but that they represent a solid, future proof investment. In fact, the company claims they are amongst the safest mixers currently available in the UK and the only ones carrying a competitive price tag.

The most significant of the changes is a magnetic safety button located on the body of the machine which locks onto the bowl when it is positioned. Without this magnetic field being activated, the machine will not run, so if the bowl is removed during operation, the machine automatically stops.

The operational controls are now very comprehensive to prevent accidental misuse. Instead of the older red and green buttons, there are now new white ‘on’ buttons, black ‘off’ buttons and large, red ‘emergency off’ buttons designed specifically to make controls clear to operators with colour blindness.

New, foodsafe plastic guards, complete with feeder tubes, are currently being manufactured and will be available for retro-fitting within the next few months. These effectively protect against dust emissions – an especially important factor in bakery environments.

Further safety controls include locks to either side of the bowls to secure them in position and, for non-baking applications, heavy stainless steel wire guards that lock securely into place. There are also motor safety switches with heat sensors that prevent the mixers from operating if they becomes too hot through overuse.

Pantheon’s planetary mixer range comprises a 10, 20 and 30 litre model. 20 litre mixers are, by far, the most popular size in the UK and the Pantheon PM20 is, therefore, the first of the range to be officially launched.

The PM20 is built for durability. Its cast metal body undergoes an exacting finishing process to ensure it can withstand the most rigorous use. This comprises an undercoat, two coats of silver paint that are oven baked and a final coat of lacquer.

The mixer is powered by a durable and dependable 1.1kW motor while the hard-wearing, reliable, all gear-driven transmission ensures smooth, friction-free operation across three speed settings – 97, 220 and 316 revs per minute.

The PM20 is supplied complete with a 1.5mm thick stainless steel mixing bowl, a wire whisk, a dough hook and a beater.

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