Panasonic scoops award for inverter technology

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Panasonic UK sales and marketing manager Iain Phillips collected the Tech Product of the Year 2018 award at this year’s Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo for the NE-1878 with inverter technology.

Panasonic has picked up the Tech Product of the Year award at this year’s Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo in London’s ExCel.

Iain Phillips, sales and marketing manager, said of the win: “The entry criteria stated, ‘a celebration of the products which have improved the efficiency, productivity and profitability of businesses through transformative technology, revolutionising the future of the industry’ and we felt very strongly that our new NE-1878, a full metal door microwave with Inverter technology, addressed these points very explicitly.

“The NE-1878 was developed with caterers in mind to address their operational issues and this sentiment was echoed by the judges when they told us we’d clearly listened to our customers and provided solutions for them to a number of problems.”

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Panasonic’s NE-1878 is designed to suit open kitchens, utilising a full metal door. The inverter technology is claimed to be faster, better defrosting, use less energy and promote more even, gentler cooking.

The model is also lighter, by 12kg, compared to its predecessor, which should lower shipping costs and make it more portable and easier to move around for cleaning.

The door has no ridges, seals or film to clean, and the unit comes with a spare ceiling plate. The NE-1878 will also not function unless the removable ceiling plate is in position.

Phillips added: “Panasonic was founded 100 years ago when Konosuke Matsushita laid down seven business principles, which are still adhered to today.  Two of those principles are, ‘untiring effort for improvement’ and ‘adaptability’.  These values may have been written over 70 years ago, but they still run through the core of our business as we strive to innovate, work smarter and think better every day.”

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  1. I was amazed to see the size difference between the old unit and the new inverter at the Restaurant Show 2nd Oct 2018. The lighter model will make the units easier to move when cleaning around the area. I have often wondered why a commercial microwave needed a glass door, its good to see the technology moving on. I still consider microwaves to be a great invention and workhorse of any commercial kitchen.

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