Panasonic puts speed and flexibility on the menu with space-saving ovens

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Panasonic has been making microwave ovens since the 1960s and its range of professional ovens has been available since the mid-1980s. 

With this long heritage in the design and manufacture of quality, commercial ovens and microwave technology the company takes pride in its ability to offer real solutions for the caterer across all sectors of the industry.

Jared Greenhalgh, business development manager at Panasonic UK, said: “Takeaway orders had increased 33% since lockdown began, according to online takeaway delivery platform Foodhub, so as restrictions once again ease, catering operations across the industry will be looking towards new ways of working, reviewing menus and services to make them more streamlined, accommodating social distancing measures and refining kitchen layouts to make them multi-purpose so they can offer an efficient food choice with potentially reduced staffing.

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“With these new demands on equipment to produce as much variety as possible, a microwave can be a valuable team player, performing a variety of functions in place of multiple items of light equipment, especially in the case of Panasonic’s SCV2.

“A relatively new machine to the Panasonic stable, where space is limited, yet your menu consists of high quality, hot food, served fast, the SCV2 speed convection oven offers a great solution.

“Many cafés and coffee shops will be using a contact grill for Panini, a microwave for heating soups and will have some form of heated cabinet to hold hot items such as pastries, pies and pizza, that may have been pre-cooked elsewhere.

“The SCV2 cooks using a combination of microwave and convection and because it has an internal grill, it will also brown and crisp so not only can paninis and toasted sandwiches be heated quickly to order – a filled panini will be toasted and ready to go in under a minute, with no smoke or smells – a whole host of other foods items can be served too; jacket potatoes, pizzas, breaded chicken pieces, negating the need for multiple items of equipment.

“Thanks to a built-in catalytic converter, the SCV2 has no need for extraction so can be sited anywhere, it sports a small footprint of just W 474mm x D 565mm x H 412mm and is stackable – the only oven in its class with this capability – saving even more space.”

Julian Urrutia, catering manager at Artizian’s The Sky Lobby Café, explains how the SCV2 helped his operation. “Our most popular items are hot, freshly prepared ‘grab & go’ items such as the ubiquitous Panini and toasties but our homemade chicken fajita and taco beef wraps, are also among the top sellers.

“Since we’ve installed the SCV2, the benefits noted have been how fast it cooks and with the internal grill, it also browns and produces a crisp finish so customers are served quicker and the quality of the food is much better – nothing is squashed anymore.

“Thanks to the built-in catalytic converter, the SCV2 has no need for external ventilation, there is no smoke and no strong smells either. This was important to our client as we are in an open atrium, with offices all around.

“We have been able to improve our service and enhance our menu as Panasonic worked with us on developing our offer and as a result, we’ve been able to include items on the menu that we couldn’t previously.

“I would recommend this oven to others – its performance has exceeded expectations, our customers have commented on the improvements and our client has noticed a reduction in queue time during busy periods.”

Aside from the Speed Convection Oven, Panasonic’s range includes something for every operator, from the NE-1878 full metal door microwave with inverter technology – great for front of house; the C-1275 convection oven for one-touch combination cooking, to the workhorse of the collection, the NE-3280 Gastronorm, suited to caterers offering multiple single portions or a multi-portion style of service.

To find out more about the range of Panasonic microwave ovens, call 07771 985572 or go to

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