Panasonic gets second Craft Guild microwave approval

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The Panasonic NE-1878 is the first commercial microwave to come with inverter technology and a full metal door.

Panasonic’s latest professional microwave, the NE-1878 with inverter technology and full metal door, has been given ‘approved product’ status by the Craft Guild of Chefs.

The unit achieved 173 points from a total of 180, following testing as part of the Craft Guild’s Product Endorsement Scheme.

The NE-1878 is the world’s first commercial microwave to come with inverter technology and a full metal door. Chefs involved in the testing reportedly agreed that the full metal door and inverter technology offered ‘huge advantages’ to their operations, saying: “We used this in one of our outlets that is customer facing, the perception of this being an oven and not a microwave is excellent, it fitted in alongside all other equipment and didn’t at all look like a microwave, this again could be a great selling point for customer-facing, open restaurants” and “We were really impressed at the even cooking ability of this product; we even tested delicate fish and it performed really well”.

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As the microwave is designed to be energy-saving, operating at an estimated 6% less than its predecessor, the chefs commented that reducing energy costs was a key focus for them with one chef adding: “It’s very important and a huge advantage, especially when using a lot of microwaves across the business. The power savings contribute to larger potential savings and an eco-friendlier approach.”

Ease of cleaning, stackability and reduced weight were also seen as important features that chefs would consider when buying a microwave.

Iain Phillips, sales and marketing manager, Panasonic UK said: “We were thrilled to have been the first to receive Product Endorsement recognition from the Craft Guild of Chefs for a microwave previously, so to achieve this status as the second for the NE-1878 shows that we are bringing products to market that offer real solutions for chefs.

“We always ask the question about paying more for quality equipment and they still tell us that, ‘Absolutely, I would rather buy a better quality product once than buying cheaper and inevitably buying twice’ and ‘Yes, 100%, you get better results and the item lasts longer’.”

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