Opinion: Why is it important for dishwashers, chemicals and humans to work in harmony?

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Hygiene is imperative for foodservice operators.

A joined-up approach to warewashing provision removes any obstacle to better customer service, writes Paul Anderson, MD of warewashing equipment manufacturer Meiko:

Believe it or not, the human element is one aspect that can cause dishwashers to fail. The cause is usually lack of maintenance or training, the wrong (or wrongly applied) chemicals, or even a poor water supply. And who pays for this, the customer does!

It is ‘human’ to change chemical suppliers or service agents at contract-end. Group deals across a chain may create central savings, but the results of a reduced maintenance or chemical service inevitably show up over time in the form of poor wash results or breakdown, causing inconvenience, souring morale and probably raising safety and hygiene issues. And hygiene is something no one can afford to take risks with anymore!

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Who gets the blame when glassware comes out dirty or the entire dishwasher floor is covered in slippery foam – the chemicals supplier, service engineer or the machine supplier?

The one sure thing is that the customer is receiving poor service! And, most likely, they pick up another bill as a result of it. This is discord, not harmony.

The right solution will deliver consistent wash results.

The right solution will deliver consistent wash results.

I have worked in the supply side to the UK catering industry for more than 25 years and this is a universal truth seen again and again, day after day: wherever multiple suppliers are involved in providing one solution, such as dishwashing, there is opportunity for blame and dispute.

I re-joined Meiko in 2017 as managing director, having worked here previously as a regional sales manager over 20 years ago.

We as a company supply both machines and service packages. From our dedicated service team, we currently run at a 94% first-time fix rate and attendance secured mostly within eight working hours.

But there has always been that issue with chemicals because, until now, we omitted the focus to consider how best we manage this and provide a further one-stop-shop in the Clean Solution from Meiko.

Most of our engineers and regional sales managers have decades of experience across many paths. Part and parcel of our training and built into our company structure is that we work alongside our valued Meiko Academy, of which we now have our own new venue in the UK.

By extending our offer to provide a truly tailor-made chemicals provision, we remove the last obstacle to better customer service.

Where we had discord, we now have harmony. The customer gets the best deal – there is no argument or uncertainty because the buck stops with us! We can and we intend to do better for our customers.

Meiko really does offer a truly Clean Solution.

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  1. Agree with this, Customers often blame the machine when they don’t realise that there is so much more involved. Time – Temperature – Mechanical Action – Chemical Action. Even worn peristaltic pumps can cause an issue let alone weak chemicals.

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