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Paul Shaw, operations director at CaterQuotes, says CPQ software gives foodservice professionals the power to create the best possible quote for the end user.

Paul Shaw, operations director at CaterQuotes, reveals why distributors, manufacturers and suppliers would benefit from signing up for configure price quote software to stay in front of the competition:

The catering equipment industry is continually changing, and it’s vital for all contenders to utilise the best sales tools to keep up.

A 2017 CaterQuotes-sponsored independent research study showed that, worth approximately £1bn a year in the UK, the foodservice equipment industry certainly isn’t diminishing. The study also showed that with 3% growth since 2015, the industry is expected to show a further development of 2-3% per year until 2021. Around 70% of this £1bn industry is made up from equipment sales. Dealers are stepping up their attempt to retain the bigger share of the market’s sales, with 65% of end customer sales coming from the industry’s kitchen houses.

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An increase in competitiveness, though, means those sales and their route to market are much different to what they once were. As with numerous industries across the UK, the World Wide Web is generating change. With the masses of information available on the internet and its ease of creating sales, it’s becoming more common for dealers to set up e-commerce sites for equipment sales. Manufacturers are following this trend too, developing their own e-commerce sites. Amazon Business is seeking to take its own share of the UK catering equipment market, adding further competition to the mix.

For those looking to stay ahead of their rivals, cut through the clutter of multiple e-commerce sites, and provide their customers with the best and most up to date equipment prices, configure price quote (CPQ) software is a wise choice. CPQ software is a sales tool designed to help companies create fast and accurate quotes, giving sales personnel all the information and pricing they need at their fingertips. The use of CPQ software gives foodservice professionals the power to create the best possible quote for the end user, thus increasing the chance of sale.

CaterQuotes has been serving the UK catering industry as its leading CPQ software since 2007, bridging the gap between manufacturers and dealers, and allowing the quotation, specification and purchasing of catering equipment quickly and efficiently. Over 200 manufacturers are published in CaterQuotes, giving them the chance to be seen by dealers who use our detailed information to filter, compare and choose efficiently, without the need for researching multiple e-commerce sites, websites, and paper catalogues.

Being a technology-based business, CaterQuotes is here as a solutions leader to ensure that both manufacturers and dealers remain on track as the industry progresses. We actively work with the catering equipment industry and with associations such as CESA CEDA, Cedabond and ENSE.

We continually evolve our software to meet industry needs, allowing our customers to consistently be on top of the changing environment. For example, we recently released a new user interface design that gives users another option for how they search, filter, compare and choose items. Features of new design include a clean, modern and more visual interface; streamlined categories and subcategories; interactive searching and filtering by key attributes; and enhanced options for manufacturers to present more images and media related to their products and accessories.

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