Olive Branch Catering Equipment (OBCE) has completed a major kitchen scheme at Cambridge Universities’ Leckhampton campus, which is a separate facility for Corpus Christi graduates.

The venue is essentially a country house on the western outskirts of the city, with many amenities for graduate students, including a sports grounds, a bar and dining room, a TV room, a library, a computer room and a swimming pool, all set around a sweeping garden.

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OBCE’s involvement in the project started with contractor Regent Construction approaching the local Cambridge firm to supply and install the new commercial catering facility as per the design undertaken by consultant, GWP Design.

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The project was awarded to OBCE in January, with a solid programme of 16 weeks, scheduled for completion on 29 April.

The install included equipment from various brands such as: Exoair, Proline, Essex Fabrications, Rational, Foster Refrigerator, Hobart, Global Fire Systems and a one-piece bespoke Ambach cook suite.