Water purity specialist Aqua Cure works with a number of steam and combi oven manufacturers and has found that a blanket approach to filtration doesn’t work.

Richard Stephenson, marketing manager, said: “What works on one site won’t work on another where the water quality may be quite different.”

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As a result, the filter supplier has been using a wide range of different filtration technology to resolve site specific issues.

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Stephenson detailed: “For scale, we’d usually recommend Pentair Everpure’s Claris system, for corrosion issues, the Claris Prime system and for larger capacity sites (particularly where machines are banked together) reverse osmosis would be a good solution.

“These recommendations are however subject to a wide range of different site conditions including water hardness, flow rate, required capacity and the presence of certain dissolved minerals such as chlorides or sulphates.”

Aqua Cure can also supply pressure gauges which help ensure that the equipment always receives the correct feed water pressure.

To guarantee that filters are both installed and exchanged correctly, Aqua Cure can offer an installation and ongoing servicing option using Pentair-approved service providers.