Nisbets UK MD reaches out to redundant staff

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Nisbets UK MD Robin White.

Following Nisbets’ recent announcement that up to 800 staff could sadly be made redundant as part of a restructuring programme, UK MD Robin White has reached out to those on the receiving end of those measures.

Many redundant Nisbets staff have taken to LinkedIn to try and find new roles, and White has now pledged that the catering equipment giant will try to help them in this endeavour.

In a statement posted on the same social media platform, he wrote: “We’d like to take a minute to acknowledge what colleagues at Nisbets and Mitre Linen have been going through this week.

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“The Covid crisis has hit our business hard, as it has the whole hospitality industry, and this week we had to break the news to many of our colleagues that they are at risk of redundancy.

“It’s been extraordinarily hard and heart wrenching for all of our colleagues, both those delivering the news, and those receiving it.”

He acknowledged: “You may have seen many of these colleagues speak out on LinkedIn to ask for help and support to find new roles elsewhere. We admire this and encourage everyone to help in any way they can. They have shown extraordinary professionalism and support for each other and we have loved seeing the shares, likes and connections being made.

“We’d like to thank them publically here in the LinkedIn community. We know these colleagues will go far in their careers. As we’ve told them, the changes that we need to make have nothing to do with their hard work and dedication to Nisbets and Mitre.”

White further detailed: “Our commitment to our colleagues continues over the next few months and we want to do what we can to ease their transition into new roles. We are compiling a list of resources for colleagues to connect them to people, information and businesses that may be able to help them find new roles elsewhere.

“This includes career opportunities, mental and physical health resources, CV support or career coaching.”

He encouraged anyone who could assist, particularly in the South West region where most Nisbets’ employees are based, to email the company at the following address:

Those facing redundancy at the Bristol-based dealer are from all business areas including internal sales, contact centre advisors, external sales, HR, finance, marketing and warehouse operatives.

White hailed them as making “fantastic employees for other companies”, adding: “We can provide references for these colleagues on request.”

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Clare Nicholls

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  1. I’m sure his well wishes will help pay their mortgages! This message also came after the whole LinkedIn community saw the mass redundancy posts & smelt like Nisbets trying to
    save their already severely damaged reputation by appearing like caring employers as opposed to the first to throw their staff on the scrap heap. Too little too late for me! I only hope the many discarded employees there are able to find work sooner than later and once again provide for their families.

    1. Making redundancies isn’t something that a businesses takes lightly. Our industry has suffered terribly and may continue to do so for quite some time. Sometimes redundancies are the only way to protect the rest of the employees and also the business itself. Whilst it is true that a business has a duty of care to all of its stakeholders including its employees, It is terribly shortsighted to think that a Business should risk the whole entity because a redundancy will affect whether someone can pay their mortgage.
      If a business needs to restructure to keep itself viable then it is doing what it needs to protect the members of staff that remain and ensures that it can pay its bills in its very simplest terms. The alternative which we have seen too many times is liquidation which then has a detrimental effect on the whole industry as suppliers go unpaid which in turn affects more people, the industry, other companies employees potentially and the consumer . So shaming a company who has had to make a very difficult decision for the safety and security of their business although sad for those directly affected isn’t helpful, Neither are comments such as “throwing people under the bus” and “too little too late” these only insight a negativity and hate that really isn’t required or professional but maybe that was your plan? In today’s society a little more understanding and acceptance would go quite a way further than finger pointing and upset. I truly do hope that linked in can help those affected create links that will allow them to move onto new opportunities.

      1. Not buying this nisbets is the least affected by covid as takeaways remained open during covidlockdown lockdown. A large proportion of nisbets customer base is takeaway businesses as they are a catering supplier.. one would assume their sales to be up as a result.

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