New thermal sanitised cutlery pouches to assist Covid battle

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Epicure Secure cutlery pouches can be thermally sanitised within combi ovens.

The newly-formed Epicure Group is launching self-seal, thermal sanitised cutlery pouches for the hospitality and events industry, called Epicure Secure.

The company and product is the brainchild of Iain Shelton MD of The Swinton Estate luxury hotel and Julian Ebbutt, former MD of Best Loved Hotels and currently operations director of Alfresco Drinks.

The solution utilises the pairs’ combined 60 years’ experience in the hospitality industry to meet the customer demand for increased hygiene precautions.

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With trade association UKHospitality suggesting to remove cutlery from tables as part of its draft guidelines, and a recent survey from Marcus Wareing detailing that 73% of respondents expressed concern for transmission of Covid-19 from surfaces, many organisations are seeking alternative methods for reformulating dining options, including implementing disposable plastic cutlery, a u-turn from the proposed single-use plastic ban that was set to outlaw such waste from 2021.

Epicure Secure is aiming to assist in regaining consumer confidence following the temporary closure of businesses throughout the UK.

Created to help solve these challenges as the hospitality industry prepares to reopen, the self-seal thermal sanitised cutlery pouches were developed to provide diners with reassurance that their cutlery has been thoroughly sanitised and not touched by others.

The technology has been created to work in partnership with steam and combi ovens, using basic catering equipment for thermal disinfection to ensure a simple and quick sanitation process. After usage, the cutlery pouches, which are said to be made from sustainable sources, are claimed to be 100% recyclable.

With bespoke branded options available, the pouches can be used in a variety of dining options including hotel room service, restaurant fine dining and event banqueting, and could minimise the frequency that waiting staff need to return to tables, easing operations and facilitating social distancing.

Julian Ebbutt, co-founder of Epicure Secure, said: “A particular challenge we all face is how do we ensure cutlery is safe and is perceived to be safe by the customer, without negatively impacting the guest experience, the environment and the P&L by using pre-packaged disposable cutlery. Our cutlery pouches are ideal for hotels, restaurants and events venues looking for an affordable solution to post-Covid foodservice and giving their guests re-assurance about the steps they are taking to ensure impeccable hygiene standards.”

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  1. A great idea but if the items are not thoroughly sanitised, cleaned, polished and dried before being placed in the EpicureSecure self-seal pouches that could be a weakness as someone, just someone may put standard “clean” cutlery that’s been stored overnight, perhaps for days into the bags, that defeating the objective of using the bags.

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