New ozone units designed to sanitise a room in a 30-minute blast

Floor-standing-Sirman-Air-Steriliser-from-FEM crop
The Sirman air steriliser is available in floor-standing models.

FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) has introduced Sirman air sterilisers to help hospitality sites re-open in a sanitary way.

Available in portable or floor standing models, the air sterilisers are specifically designed for mould, bacteria and virus killing.

The Sirman air sterilisers generate sanitising ozone in 30 minute cycles, designed to penetrate all corners of the room. Ozone is said to be effective against surface and airborne germs and airborne allergens.

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All models are fitted with a timer of between 0-60 minutes to control use, and start/off buttons to control the work cycle. They are constructed from anodised aluminium and Aisi 304 stainless steel.

Mark Hogan, commercial director of FEM said: “The key to encouraging customers back into cafes, bars and restaurants once restrictions ease will be to emphasise the measures taken to ensure safety.

“Air sanitisers offer a quick, unobtrusive and effective way to enhance hygiene throughout a dining area, maintaining customer confidence and comfort.”

There are four models in the range. The smallest 100W and 200W portable models are suitable for rooms up to 100metre2, while the bigger floor standing 200W and 370W units are for rooms up to 200metre2. The portable units feature wide ABS handles for transportation.

It is recommended not to re-enter the area for at least 6 hours after the end of the cycle and the area should then be ventilated thoroughly for at least a further 15 mins.

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