Well-known industry figures, Paul Martin and Lee Swiffen, have set up their own bar and restaurant design firm, iFour Hospitality Design, which will concentrate on the London region.

“Our niche market is the high-end, ultra creative cocktail bar industry,” detailed Martin, who is the director of the new company, along with Swiffen.

“We will be focusing on developing new bar and restaurant brands in the London food and drinks market, helping emerging operators with their first sites.”

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He emphasised: “Lee and I have realised our ambition of owning our own catering design house through developing iFour.”

The pair have developed a strong working relationship, having been colleagues for over a decade, firstly at Catering Connections, then Brakes Catering Equipment and for the last 5 years at Modo Commercial Kitchen Design and its sister company, Concept Bars, designing some of the most iconic London cocktail bars along the way.

Martin is based in Milton Keynes and will manage the customer-facing side of the business, including design and project development, while Swiffen will work from a Yorkshire base, focusing on back of house design and project management.

“While all of our work will be in London for now, we will be maintaining our base in Yorkshire as we have plans for expansion through there and into other markets,” commented Martin.

iFour’s official launch is today, but already Martin reported: “We have exciting prospects and leads for the future, plus we have been blown away by manufacturer support.

“The industry as a whole has been very supportive of us; we are very thankful and we hope that it continues in this vein.”

Currently the firm is actively looking for fresh talent to bolster its design, sales and project management departments.

Martin concluded: “We are looking forward to getting involved with new clients and developing their bar and restaurant brands.”