Nelson revamps London lounge’s back bars


Islington music venue and lounge bar The Lexington has credited Nelson with revamping its back-bar operations, allowing it to serve up to a thousand customers per night.

The Pentonville Road venue has fast become one of the area’s most popular pubs under the leadership of its entrepreneurial owner, Stacey Thomas.

When she bought the pub five years ago the back-bars contained a mixture of equipment and storage that had been separately installed over the years, resulting in staff having to access different areas of the bars to produce drinks and customers being kept waiting.

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Having bought glasswashers from Nelson in the past, Thomas contracted the company to conceive a design for both back-bars.

She didn’t want the bar fascias and tops changed as they were in good condition, so Nelson had to work within the limitations that necessitated.

The design team came up with a viable solution that created several workstations, allowing four or five bar staff to work together in unison.

The clearly designed zones prevent congestion and mean staff have ready access to everything they need.

Bottles are held in the speed rails, while both drainer and solid top glass storage units mean all types of glasses are accessible. Ice wells are conveniently sited and replenished from the Hoshizaki ice machine in the cellar and tills can be accessed by several staff members, while further space has been created for back-bar drink display.

Nelson Speedclean glasswashers, which have a 36 pint glass capacity, are sited to one end of the bars at the point that the waiters leave and enter the area.

“The difference has been incredible,” says Thomas. “The bars are running at maximum efficiency now and we’re drawing in even more customers. In fact, we regularly serve up to 1,000 people a night.”

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