Mono Equipment believes it has found a solution to the convection versus combination oven dilemma with its new BX Eco-Wash Convection Oven range.

Mono says the new range of convection ovens cuts through the convection oven versus combi oven question by incorporating a high-end, totally integrated self wash system to provide a highly effective solution for baking, roasting and cooking a variety of foods without the fear of cross contamination of odours or flavours.

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It is the result of extensive consultation with both bakeries and major food-to-go outlets.

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According to the company, Mono’s BX Eco-Wash convection oven provides the perfect alternative solution to a combi oven, at a fraction of the price, whilst affording genuine flexibility to produce an extensive and diverse range of products efficiently, effectively and safely.

Mono has listed five key benefits of its new product as: five powerful, integrated wash programmes to suit every need; Mono’s Power Max Plus cartridge is sealed and only released when the oven reaches the right temperatures; staff can be employed on other tasks while the self wash system is in operation; removes the need for expensive, professional deep-cleaning; prevents cross contamination of different food groups; reduces the risk of fires by preventing the build-up of grease and food deposit.