Food safety monitoring firm Monika has launched a cloud hosted subscription service.

This new development allows customers to monitor their business 24/7 from anywhere in the world via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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Fully scalable, the hosting system is said to be suited to independent sites and multi-national chains, groups and franchises.

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Monika’s systems remotely monitor temperatures and task completion data in real time, while the door and compressor status of refrigeration appliances, probing temperatures and HACCP duties can also be recorded.

Logged on a dashboard, the system provides a colour-coded overview through to more detailed stats and alerts on an entire estate or broken down to an individual outlet, appliance or operator when required.

Thanks to the new cloud hosting system, this information can be instantly accessed from any internet-enabled mobile device anywhere in the world.

This secure system allows operators to monitor, manage and action certain corrective measures, including responding to alerts and critical events directly from their device in real time.

F&B managers can also access reports detailing the performance of equipment and task management data, while also providing key performance indicators and HACCP compliant graphs and detailed reports instantly.

Should temperatures deviate or task completion data be incorrect, alerts and alarms are sent to key personnel, firstly through the mobile device, before escalating to email and SMS text message where necessary, allowing managers to rapidly implement corrective measures to save stock or maintain safe conditions.

Simon Wood, technical manager at Monika said: “Having recently updated the physical hardware, attention turned to the technology behind our systems and how we could enable our system to become fully remote and accessible for our customers.

“The launch of the cloud hosting subscription service represents just that, a completely remote, fully accessible, yet secure service that operators can use to monitor their business 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

“Optimised for use on any internet enabled devise, the system is quick and simple to access while allowing the same great overview or detailed reporting for everything from an individual site, right up to a full estate for a large chain or franchise business.

“The new cloud hosting service delivers ongoing cost efficiencies, representing true value for money.”