Bonnybridge-based manufacturer E&R Moffat updated its pricing with effect from yesterday, and its 2016 price list is now available from its website.

The list has a new format which includes enhanced fabrication options, designed to make self-pricing quicker and easier.

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According to MD, Gordon McIntosh: “On the whole we’ve managed to hold most of our prices to 2015 levels, despite being hit with increases in raw materials and other costs.

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“We’ve had to increase the prices on a few lines, but we’ve managed to limit them to minimal changes.”

Furthermore, the firm has introduced a new standard for upstands, down turns and unit heights on all fully assembled centre tables, wall benches and sinks.

McIntosh explained: “Increasingly we were being asked to amend our regular designs, for example from our standard 42mm turndown to 50mm.

“We’ve now decided to adopt these changes across the range. So all our fabrication will now have rear upstands and turndowns of 50mm and the standard height will be 900mm.

“We’re also working on a new range of fully welded fabrication, which will be launched later in 2016.”