MKN has added a new integrated smoking function called SmokeInside for its FlexiCombi combi steamer.

The smoker unit can be installed into the combi steamer and loaded with wood chips or spices using a pull-out drawer.

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The additional function is said to be easily operated using the oven’s MagicPilot touch control system, which allows smoking to be programmed in combination with other cooking methods.

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This is aimed at ensuring a high level of process reliability as well as allowing for simple compilation of HACCP documentation.

The temperature and smoke intensity are set individually at a touch of a button with SmokeInside. A very light, smoky aroma which won’t mask the natural flavour of products is also possible.

When compiling cooking programmes including the smoking function, users can save details such as smoke intensity or the type and quantity of wood chips.

This means that smoking results and particular smoked colours and flavours can be repeatedly produced, regardless of the operator.