The MKN FlexiChef is a multifunctional cooking appliance which optimises kitchen processes with its customer benefits, particularly with regard to time and cost management.

The multifunctionality of the FlexiChef means that the user can either cook or fry or pressure cook or deep fry in a single appliance which only has a small space requirement.

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The central feature of the FlexiChef is the MagicPilot operating concept with its brilliant colours and a full viewing angle from all sides.

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Comparable with modern communication equipment, the MagicPilot offers a high level of user comfort with touch, scroll and slide gestures. The display made of 3mm hardened glass is extremely robust and bears up well against the hard daily routine in the kitchen.

FlexiChef makes cooking both fun and child’s play! The same also goes for cleaning, as with FlexiChef, MKN presents the first automatic cleaning system for horizontal kitchen technology.
With intermediate cleaning the pan is ready for the next cooking process in only 2 minutes (plus set-up time) and the cleaning method uses no chemicals.

The FlexiZone concept means more flexibility in the FlexiChef: the pan can be divided up into four zones with different temperatures.

This means that diverse products with varying temperature requirements are able to be cooked simultaneously. A complete dish can therefore be prepared at once in a single pan.

The FlexiChef Team also represents increased flexibility, as two pans can be combined using only one operating system. This saves time in an ergonomic way.