Mitchell & Cooper unveils highly automated thermal mixer

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HotmixPRO Gastro is the latest thermal mixer available from Mitchell & Cooper.

Manufacturer, HotmixPRO, has added the HotmixPRO Gastro to its range of thermal mixers, which are now supplied by Mitchell & Cooper.

The latest model is designed to produce creams, jams, sauces, doughs and reductions.

HotmixPRO Gastro features a 1,500W motor, capable of reaching speeds up to 12,500rpm, and the ability cook up to 190°C with degree-by-degree temperature control.

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As the operator’s presence is not constantly required, a number of preparations can be made by inserting the ingredients into the bowl, selecting from one of the pre-stored recipes, and pressing the start button to allow the HotmixPRO Gastro to work unattended for up to 4 hours.

Jonathan White, marketing manager at Mitchell & Cooper commented: “The HotmixPRO Gastro is an exciting new addition to the HotmixPRO range of thermal mixers which will suit a huge variety of catering and foodservice operations. Thanks to the programmable memory and the precise temperature control, the HotmixPRO Gastro can guarantee constant, standardised and optimal results in the kitchen time and time again.

“Its revolutionary features including the ‘Wait Temperature’ function and the programmable recipe memory dramatically decrease the risk of human error during the most complex of preparations, thus saving time and improving workflow within the kitchen.”

The wait temperature function is designed to ensure the results will be consistent, no matter the initial temperature or the quantity of ingredients.

The thermal mixer is equipped with an SD card with more than 400 pre-stored recipes and chances for chefs to create their own. Chefs are also able to share their recipes with fellow professionals or other restaurants within the same chain by sending it as an email attachment.

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