Mitchell & Cooper claims it is the place to go to for British-manufactured cookware courtesy of an exclusive supply agreement for Red Cookware.

The latest range from the RED brand provides a versatile and robust solution for any busy kitchen, with the 2016 collection comprising a set of black iron pans, baking and roasting trays and a range of pizza tools.

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The black iron pans are made from quality carbon steel which heats up slowly, offering unrivalled heat conduction and even distribution across the cooking surface. Thanks to their stainless steel base, the range can be used on increasingly popular induction hobs, as well as any other heat source – from gas to halogen.

Available in a variety of sizes to cover multiple uses, from larger frying pans to smaller sizes designed for blinis or sautéing, the range offers a complete solution for any outlet. Featuring a cool to touch handle with built-in hanging hole, the pans can be easily stored; and their sleek, industrial design ensures they fit into the aesthetic of a variety of kitchen environments.

The Red Cookware Black Iron Pan range can be seasoned to ensure a high quality, non-stick surface and a lifetime of use. A simple solution of warm water and light detergent can be used to clean the pan, before drying and coating in oil ready for use.

The Red range of aluminium baking trays, bakewell pans and roasting trays, meanwhile, are produced to the highest standard, and are made using a heavy gauge to ensure superb quality.

Extremely durable and featuring built-in handles for safe and convenient use, the trays offer even distribution of heat with no hot spots, and are suitable for use in all ovens. The entire range is available in a variety of sizes to suit any use, and can easily be stacked to provide a neat storage solution.

Mitchell & Cooper says that whether proving dough, preparing a deep dish crust or cooking a crisp base, the Red Cookware range of pizza pans, covers and screens offers a comprehensive, lightweight solution for outlets looking to maximise their pizza offering.

For thin crust pizzas, Red’s pizza pans ensure a crisp base and even cooking every time. Designed without rolled edges, dough can simply be placed on top and then cut to size with a rolling pin. The aluminium made pans are suitable for both conveyor and deck ovens. Alternatively, Red’s pizza screens offer great cooking for thin crust pizzas, calzones or when reheating. The mesh design allows for increased transfer of hot air between the base and oven chamber, leading to superbly crisp bases.

For deep dish pizzas, Red’s deep dish pizza pans and covers provide the perfect solution for proving and cooking. The black iron pans are robust and lead to deliciously light, thicker crusts when dough is proved within them. The aluminium pizza covers restrict airflow to the dough while proving, leading to an increased rise and a lighter crust. All of the RED Cookware pizza tools are available in a variety of sizes, from 7-inch to 16-inch, offering a versatile range suitable for smaller kitchens and larger outlets.